Optimal Hair Quality and Superior Integration Techniques

For Hair Integration/Extensions

We select the choicest product available and fashion our designs based on your existing hair’s structure, texture, and growth pattern and color shade. We seamlessly merge the volume you desire to provide aesthetically appeasing and amazingly undetectable hair enhancement. No matter the physical activity or the environmental condition, your integrated hair retains its natural appearance.

Further ensuring the all-important natural appearance

we expertly employ Micro-cylinder attachment techniques. Micro-Cylinder Technology, involving no glues, nor weaving, nor braiding, protects against hair damage. Preventing your hair from being pulled out, the tiny, flexible and feather-light attachment cylinders are easily installed and removed, and without the use of chemical compounds your hair is not exposed to harsh treatment.

Flawless Frontal Hairline

Crating a hairline skin to the human anatomy

We apply a fine mesh lace remarkably identical to your skin giving the impression of actual hair growth. This theatrical lace is an extraordinary component to hair replacement, but is not widely used because most hair replacement facilities lack the required artistic finesse and technical expertise. To also convey naturalness, when supplementing your hair we factor in facial structure and your age, as well as any facial hair. With our savvy, your hairline appears the result of genetics not synthetics.  

Comfortable Bases

For ultimate comfort and inconspicuousness

our Custom Hair System bases of ultra-fine monofilament are astonishingly weightless and custom molded from your scalp. The extremely light material allows the scalp to breathe and the customization of the material makes your unit feel sensationally like skin. Taking into consideration head shape, skin tone and the growth pattern and density of any existing hair, we skillfully incorporate splendidly premium hair producing a magnificently exquisite Custom Hair System for you.

You may contact us today for an experienced, professional consultation to meet your hair replacement needs.
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